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Daily Home Workouts During Coronavirus shutdown!

Hey guys! During this time we will post daily workouts in your ZenPlanner App as well as a short video (below) describing the movements.  If you need any help call or text any of us and we will help you modify the workout for the equipment you have on hand or answer any questions you have.  We are also offering personal programming to all of our members during this, as well as loaning out gym equipment to use at home.  We will have times in the mornings and afternoons to come check-out or exchange gym equipment.  Thank you to all of our gym family for supporting eachother through this.  We love you all! 

-Craddock, Ryan, & Jacqi

Craddock: (559) 690-1960

Ryan: (559) 300-8873

Jacqi: (559) 443-9404

daily Workout Briefing

(Workout Posted to ZenPlanner App)

Pump,Flex and Chill the Sequel 3/28

30 Minute Flow 

With Amanda!


Horizon Strength and Conditioning is a gym focused on helping our members build a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.  We utilize the  fundamentals of functional strength training and general physical fitness to keep our members making progress year after year.

We welcome anyone with a good attitude!  Our dynamic program fits all fitness levels.  Train with coaches everyday who always have your best interest in mind.  Our coaches give each member the tools they need to be better, stronger and healthier. Drop in for your free trial, join the community, and build a healthier life.



I'm in the best shape that I have been in a long time. Age doesn't matter. I'm almost 60 and I feel welcome every time I walk through the door.



A family orientated place to work out. I love my gym!

Desiree R.


Simply the best fitness experience I've ever had. Great coaching, great people who are inspiring in attitude and results!

Richard F.

September, 2017

Horizon Strength
and Conditioning 

1421 E Mineral King Ave

Visalia, California

Call (559) 300-8873


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