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Strength& Conditioning

This is our main program. It is designed to cover every aspect of functional fitness. We utilize Olympic -style Weightlifting, traditional strength exercises, gymnastics, bodybuilding, and all types of endurance. 

THIS PROGRAM is perfect for anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness with athletic style training. We program our workouts in "cycles" that progress over a few months. This program is highly adaptable for beginners as well as experienced athletes.


Beginners work with our Coaches to develop a strong foundation, and progress at their own pace.  We don't expect anyone to be fit or have any prior knowledge of training.  Let us teach you!

Horizon FIT

Monday,Wednesday,& Friday

Our Horizon FIT program is a 3-Day a week Fitness Program.

This program is perfect for those with little experience in the gym, or people who are just getting back into the active lifestyle.

This program uses simple but effective movements, no heavy weight will be used in this class.


     Olympic Weightlifting

This Program is designed to increase the Snatch Clean and Jerk. Our weightlifting team competes on a local and national level. 

Competitive Opportunities

For those interested, we have endless opportunities to be competitive. We have athletes that compete in Olympic Weightlifting, Crossfit, Powerlifting, Strongman, Obstacle Races, and more. Many athletes use our programs to train for other sports such as MMA, Football, Wresting, Track and Field, and More.

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